Frank Seekins

Frank-SeekinsDr. Frank T. Seekins is a teacher of the Bible, and the Hebrew language in which it's written. Living Word Pictures is a ministry which believes that, even though God's Word is perfect, our understanding of His Word and of the original meaning of the Hebrew (or Greek) is often lacking. Dr. Seekins has put together many tools for those who have a hunger to apply the truth of Scripture to build wisdom, and thereby to live a more fulfilling life.

As the acknowledged founder of the modern study of Hebrew Word Pictures, Frank Seekins has been studying Hebrew Word Pictures for 29 years; and he has achieved an Honorary Doctor of Divinity for Hebrew Word Pictures and its ministry. This in- depth study is balanced with 19 years of marriage and relationship counselling.

As an International speaker, his ministry grows through conferences, radio, and television; and also as the author of numerous books and studies.

The ancient Hebrew Word Pictures are tools that offer a simple, powerful way to learn and remember the truths of the Bible. You can use Hebrew Word Pictures to learn, and never forget, the Ten Commandments. But it is important to remember that the word pictures never take the place of Scripture.

Living Word Pictures :

A Hebraic Roots Conference featuring Frank Seekins of Living Word Pictures, Held on February 18 to 20, 2011

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All those that joined us, had a great time learning the living word through his teachings and hope to see Frank Seekins often. Please stay 'tuned' for our recorded audio and video coming available.